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Data Centers

Data Centers Engineers at Datanet-Tech Improve service levels, increase response times, minimize downtime and benefit from an automated and proactive support to ensure that your Data Centers are always-on, stable and secure. Datanet-Tech Engineers can provide the services you need for a Successful Installation.

Our Data Centers Engineers and installers, with literally thousands of hours of experience and education, have hundreds of Data Centers services and  installations in their resumes in some of the most impressive installations in North America and we’ll do the same for you —every time.

Future-ready, standards-based Data Center Solutions from Datanet-Tech leverage your current technology while seamlessly incorporating innovations tailored to your needs.

Datanet-Tech can provide these solutions for your Data Centers facilities :

  • Accelerate IT service delivery
  • Reduce Operation Costs while Increasing Performance
  • We take over your Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • We take over your Raised Floor Space Planning and Layout
  • Project Safety and Documentation
  • Rack & Stack Cabinet Space Planning and Layout
  • Project Scope, Budget, Schedule and Execution Validation
  • We take over your Data Centers Structured Cabling
  • Rack Elevation and Overhead CAD Drawings
  • Client Change Management and RFI Processes
  • Port Density and Space Planning Maximization
  • Projects timely delivery with high level Quality Control
  • Simplify your IT.
  • Solve your Business Challenges.
  • Gain the Agility and Scalability to Support your Organization’s long-term Strategy.

Take the next step now. Ask a Datanet-Tech consultant about our end-to-end data center solutions designed to help your enterprise respond dynamically to change – today and for years to come.

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